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Contact Chris Wilcox at:

360-458-6650 office

email:  cwilcox@wilcoxfarms.net


NO FEED LOT, No pink slime!  Always fed on grass and finished with grass.  Our cows eat and lounge on certified organic pastures (Certified Tilth) 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished.  At times, the butcher is very busy and this may vary the pick up time of your wrapped beef.

Enjoy your GRASS FED BEEF!

For A VISUAL check out my blog:

What cuts are in 1/4 beef & How much space is needed for storage? A quarter beef requires 3.5 to 5 cubic feet of freezer space. A half beef requires a 7.5 to 10 cubic foot chest freezer.

If you would like to learn more about grass fed meats, EatWild.com is great source of information which also lists other suppliers which I am not affiliated with.

Our farm is located in Roy, Washington.  We sell by Private Treaty Live Weight

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