“VISUAL” on How Much Freezer Space Is Needed to Store Your Farmer Beef

Average hanging weights for our beef are approximately 800 pounds.  So, 1/4 (quarter of the cow) is 200 pounds on average, and 400 pounds is a half beef, and so on.  This is just an example, as we cannot pin point weights before slaughter, some are less and some are more.  We have our beef dry aged for 21 days.  This is the ‘sweet spot’ for superb taste and tenderness.  Beef is divided equally.  Our freezer is 21 cubic feet.  (*Please note that the bones in the picture are by special request and this is more than what comes with 1/4 beef.)

Here are some pictures of what a 1/4 beef and 1/2 beef look like:

Quarter Beef Visual (top pics)

1/2 Beef (bottom 2 pics)

1/4 beef (four boxes)

1/4 Beef

Side of Beef (1/2) 8 boxes

Side of Beef (1/2)

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One Response to “VISUAL” on How Much Freezer Space Is Needed to Store Your Farmer Beef

  1. G.E. Moon II says:

    Thanks for posting these pictures. It really helps put in perspective how much space is needed in order to stock up on a freezer full of grass fed beef.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II