Here is a recipe from one of my NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) fellow students, Elma Chambers.  Thank you for contributing to my blog!!


1 pound of steak from local grass fed cow
large onion
1 green and red bell peppers
1 jalapeno pepper
chili powder
mineral salt from Health Food store
olive oil
fresh tomato
fresh avocado
small garlic clove
shredded cheese

whole wheat tortillas

Brown steak on each side in olive oil and butter in frying pan.  Remove and slice thinly on bias.  Put back in frying pan.
Sprinkle with chili powder, cumin and mineral salt.
Add 1/2 jalepeno pepper diced very small.
Stir, then add:
7/8 sliced onion
1 each sliced:  red and green bell pepper
water as needed to complete cooking without burning

Homemade Salsa
Mix the following in a small food processor:
small garlic clove
1/8 jalapeno pepper
1/8 onion
1 fresh tomato
cilantro leaves
Dash mineral salt from Health Food store (bulk)
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon

Slice for dish on the side:
Slice fresh tomato
Slice fresh avocado
Shredded cheese of choice

Warm whole wheat tortillas in frying pan with small amount of butter.  Serve warm.  Add hot ingredients.  Add fresh sliced tomato and avocado.  Sprinkle with cheese and fresh salsa.

Serve with water with fresh lemon in it to drink.


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Interview with Wendy Schauer: Author, Speaker, Chiropractor, Kettlebell Trainer

Happy New You

Today I am interviewing Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.  Wendy has been a chiropractor for over 20 years.  She was the first female chiropractor in the world to earn her R.K.C. (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) certification.  She is the author of, “The 7 Steps To Amazing Health!”  Dr. Wendy is a life-long student of health and wellness.  Over the last twenty years she has read over 700 books dedicated to her field of study. 

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. Wendy for the past 10 years.  She has provided wonderful chiropractic care for my family and myself.  She has been an inspiration to me in the areas of health, wellness, and diet.  Here is my interview with Dr. Schauer.


Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.

Lisa Wilcox:  Dr. Schauer, hello.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today regarding chiropractic, fitness, functional movement, and kettlebells.
Wendy Schauer:  Thank you Lisa. It is my pleasure.
L.W.:  Wendy, I know that you’ve been a doctor of chiropractic for over 20 years now, you’re a Russian Kettlebell trainer, an author, and speaker.  What motivated you to start branching out into other areas of work beyond chiropractic?
W.S.:  I realized that there are so many people who are suffering and need help.  I can only do so much as a chiropractor.  I can see just one person at a time, which limits how many people I can reach in a day.  By writing and speaking I can reach many more people.  Information and education are so important.  You can’t make changes if you don’t know what to do.  I wanted to give people a jump start on how to change their lives.  My book, “The 7 Steps To Amazing Health!” is a health manual.  I tell people just to pick one step and start implementing it.  Baby steps definitely help you get you to where you need to be.
L.W.:  When did you know that you wanted to become a chiropractor and who or what inspired you to do so?
W.S.:  I knew I was always going to be in the health field.  Medicine didn’t appeal to me because it was just giving a medication for a symptom.  I wanted to figure out why people were sick and what they could do to get better.  I had a chemistry instructor that recommended chiropractic so I started working for a chiropractor when I was 19.  I thought it was so great and that was my start.
L.W.:  What was the impetus for you to write your book, “The 7 Steps To Amazing Health!”?
W.S.:  I was experiencing severe edematous hives that would cause my face to swell to the point it was unrecognizable.  I ended up in the emergency room three times with my throat swelling.  No one knew what was going on and it started my journey of research.  It led to my book.  “The 7 Steps To Amazing Health!” is my journey but with it came easy things for people to do for them to start getting healthy.
L.W.:  Wendy, would you mind explaining to my readers what “Functional Movement” is and how important it is to all of us?
W.S.:  Functional movement is based on real world movements.  The movements we do every day such as pushing, pulling, lifting, walking/running, twisting, balancing, etc.  The equipment at the gym does not get you ready for real world activities.  Bear crawls, Turkish Get Ups and snatches are examples of functional movement.  They are full body movements that require strength, cardio and balance to do them.  This gets you ready for real life.
L.W:  How important is stretching?  How often should we be doing it and what are some of the benefits that we get from stretching?
W.S.:  As we get older our muscles become tighter so strengthening becomes more important.  If one of my patients is trying to change a posture that keeps them in pain I have them stretch 4-6 times per day 30 seconds at a time.  I am trying to get the brain to change and realize the new posture is correct.  Stretching once per day will not make that change.  They are only doing 30 seconds to 1 minute every hour so it is extremely easy to do.  I tend to stretch throughout the day.  I stretch my calves when I am brushing my teeth, I stretch my rear end when I am sitting and typing, I stretch my chest muscles when I am walking down the hall to my office.  I fit in stretching wherever I can.  Stretching will improve flexibility in the muscles, will help retain motion in joints and will increase circulation to the muscles.
L.W.:  How important do you think kettlebells are to “all over” health and well being?
W.S.:  For me kettlebells are extremely important. They are what fixed my back pain, increased my cardio endurance and made me healthier.  I realize that kettlebells aren’t for everyone but I believe they give you one of the best all over body workouts of any product out there.  Plus you can do them in 15-10 minutes.

R.K.C. Kettlebells

 L.W.:  Wendy, you’re also a speaker, what are some of the topics you cover in your speeches?
W.S.:  I have given talks on fatigue and the adrenal glands and the Paleo Diet (no grain diet).   As a society we work way too hard and we don’t take care of ourselves.  My adrenal talk goes through what happens when we live a go-go life and what we can do to stay healthy.  In the Paleo talk I focused on limiting or completely eliminating grains.  I will be doing another talk soon about the detriments of sugar.
L.W.:  What are some of your favorite books on health and fitness?
W.S.: I have a room full of books so that is a hard question to answer.  I love The Paleo  Diet by Robb Wolf, The No-Grain Diet by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Enter The Kettlebell by Pavel Tsatsouline, Shut Up Stop Whining and Get a Life by Larry Winget (You have to love the titles of his books) and Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson, ND.  Just to name a few, as I said I have read a lot of books.
L.W.:  Wendy, who or what inspires you?
W.S.:  What truly inspires me is when a patient starts realizing they can change their life and they start making the small steps to do so.  I have seen some amazing transformations both emotionally and physically in my patients.  I can’t say it enough, it just starts with one small step.  Other people who inspire me are Pavel Tsatsouline for his commitment to changing peoples lives, including mine, Dave Werner for his never ending quest for knowledge that changed his life and body forever and my parents who have done an amazing job with balance in their life.
L.W.:  Dr. Wendy, have you been to any recent health and/or wellness seminars lately and what was/were the topics?
W.S.:  I have been to two amazing seminars.  In March, 2012 I was at the Biotics Nutritional Therapy Associations conference on sugar.  It was three full days on the detriments of sugar to the body.  What got me the most is they are doing research on blood sugar levels and demential/alzheimers.  They showed brain scans of people with blood sugar handling problems and how their brains were starting to degenerate.  Mind you these people didn’t even know they had problems.  The second seminar was about allergies, autoimmune issues and gluten.  If we would just get gluten and sugar out of our diet we would be so much healthier.
L.W.:  What are your Top 3 Anti-Aging tips?
W.S.:  Stop eating sugar, get exercise every day and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.  I would also recommend that people take a great multi-vitamin, a high quality fish oil, and supplement with Vitamin D.
L.W.:  How can my readers find out more about you and your work?
W.S.:  Your readers are more than welcome to check out my two websites; www.WendySchauer.com and www.HappyNewYou.com.  I post articles, research, and interviews on both sites on a regular basis.
L.W.:  Thank you for your time.  It was a true pleasure speaking with you today.
W.S.: You are welcome.  It was my pleasure.
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Kale With Bacon & Dried Cherries Full Fat Version!

Kale w/ Bacon and Steak

I love kale.  I never ate this growing up but recently I heard through Dr. Mercola’s website, that Kale is one of the most nutritious plants on the earth and I needed to “add more leafy greens” to my diet.

I have used it in soups many times.  I thought it would taste good sauteed in bacon drippings.  Here is my recipe.  I have a surprise note at the end of this recipe.




1 bunch of kale (stems removed, chopped into bite size pieces)

1 garlic clove (chopped)

3 slices bacon (cooked and crumbled)

1/4 cup dried fruit, chopped (I used cherry’s for their tartness)

optional: left over steak, cut into small pieces

In cast iron skillet, cook bacon and cut into pieces.  Add chopped garlic, kale, dried cherries.  I added a bit of water to steam/cook the kale until wilted.

This is quite delicious served as is.  I usually never have any left over to see if this would taste good as a ‘cold salad’ but my son had leftover’s in the refer.  I tossed this mixture with cooked sprouted brown rice (also cold left overs), added a touch of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  And I happy to report, YES! this is good hot or cold.   I think next time I will add chopped nuts, perhaps walnuts or almonds.

All ingredients are best if properly prepared, soaked, sprouted, and grass fed.

Veggies are best when organic.  Yum! Enjoy.:)

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Mark Edgar Stephens, Author, Speaker, Body Language Expert

A little over a year ago, I had the great pleasure of seeing Mark Edgar Stephens (author of “Who Are You Choosing To Be”) speak at a seminar at Abundant Health Center (in Olympia, Wa).  I was blown away.  Mark is by far the leading expert on body language, communication, and inter-personal relationships.  I was mesmerized from the moment he started speaking about what he had to share with us.  His book, “Who Are You Choosing to Be” is one of my all time favorite books.  If you ever get a chance to see Mark speak in person I highly recommend that you do so.  You might even see him again on the Oprah Winfrey show/rerun.  I look forward to Mark’s next appearance in Olympia sometime in the near future.  Maybe at that time, I can interview hiim for my blog.  I would love to share with all my readers the great insights that Mark has to offer.  He has a truly unique gift.  He is warm and kind.  You can find more about Mark’s work at http://www.markedgarstephens.com/ or at http://www.whoareyouchoosingtobe.com/

Here is a picture of the two of us at his seminar in Olympia.

Lisa Wilcox & Mark Edgar Stephens

Positive vibes surround this man.

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Wild Sardines; Excellent Source of Omega 3


Sustainably caught along the California coast. Contains delicious meaty portions cleaned and scaled. Two thumbs up for this nutrient dense whole food packed in water. The package says “Wild Planet sardines provide 3 times more calcium and phosphorus than milk, more iron than spinach, as much protein as steak, and as much potassium as bananas. They contain 885 mg DHA and 210mg of EPA of omega 3 per can (net weight 4.373 oz) 2.5 servings. Sardines contain CoQ10, a nutrient found in the body’s cells believed to have antioxidant and immune boosting properties. These are great tasting, not smelly. Served on a cracker with all natural butter. Try some today.

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