Oyster’s in South Bend, Washington

South Bend, Washington

River View Dining Fresh Oysters

The sign coming into to town says “World Famous” oysters.  Wow, I didn’t know that.  I was travelling with my cousin Wendi Goldsmith from Boston, Masachusettes and yes I was a little bit embarassed about the looks of this waterfront town, but I was here for the company.

We had our kids with us and gramps.  We stopped at the “River View Dining” restaurant for lunch on our way to Seaview, Wa.  From the parking lot I walked passed cooker in the front of the restaurant.  I almost brushed the side of it. Glad I didn’t because it was hot and fire was ON.  Not much for the atmostsphere.  The cook was going in and out with his pot’s of marinade.  Behind me was a “shrine” of Liz Taylor.  I asked the cook (assumed the owner) what was up with the wall of Elizabeth Taylor.  He said in his Mexian accent, “she my woman.” I understood.

You don’t come here for the shrine, the wait staff, or the service. You come here to get THE BEST Oyster BBQ’ and fresh on the Half Shell.  We also ordered the BBQ pork ribs which were marinated and slathered in his speical recipe, at least 15 ingredients (remember the pot coming in and out of the front door?).  We all shared the orders of BBQ Pork and oysters. Lip smacking delicious.   I couldn’t decide which was best.  The fresh oysters, on the half shell (primal) with his light touches of herbs? Or the BBQ grilled Oysters? Or the BBQ Pork?  The BBQ sauce, definately home made, was to die for.  The ribs fell apart while I was try to split up the order.

We were all very happy with our food.  If you are in good company then you don’t have to worry about the service.  By the way, my service was good.  I have seen some negative comments on the internet about the place but I am glad it did not stop me from coming in.  It really was de-vine  and would recommend it to my friends and family.  I can’t wait for my next trip to South Bend, Washington for fresh Oyster from the Willapa Bay.  Try it!  Let me know.  You comments are welcome here!

Area suppliers of the bivalve might benefit after Gulf farm closures send buyers looking elsewhere

In the news:  Too early to tell, but the massive oil spill in the Gulf will most likely increase demand for our local oysters.

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