My Flood of FAT posts on Facebook…Why?

I like to post about FATS!!

Lately I have noticed that a lot of my Facebook entries have to do with fat.  Eating, consuming, internally or using externally, nutritious fats:  Animals fats as well as coconut oil, red palm oil, essential fats like Omega 3′s found in 100% grassfed beef as well as WILD caught salmon.  When I say animal fats, I am talking about fat from animals raised like my cattle do, ON GRASS.  By the way, it is very luscious grass-GREEN GRASS-growing organically, the way nature intended.   I find it interesting that my cows get to a nice fatness from eating only grass.  They eat grass so I don’t have to.  Apparently my cows have a nice fat layer on them, (some more than others) according to the butcher.  :)

But don’t fret because it has fat.  As you know if can make a delicious steak.  It also holds a hamburger together.  If you haven’t seen my Wilcox Angus Beef Facebook change, look for it by searching for Wilcox Angus Beef.  ”Like” it; that would make my day.  You may not live near me to get ‘My Local Beef,’ but you can still be a fan of all things natural, like my Angus Beef.  Your support is appreciated.

Recently I graduated from school as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) so I have been incorporating more of my nutritional ideas into my Facebook and possibly even on this blog.  Coming soon will be a blog about why you should be consuming more nutritious fats…

Happy September, Lisa Wilcox, NTP


About Lisa Wilcox

Mother of three, wife of a farmer, foodie, tendency toward primal diet & lifestyle, soccer mom, Yoga, Swimming, Mac & Apple, living in the northwest, small boutique herd of grass fed and finished Angus Beef.
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