Keeping Yourself Hydrated; One glass At A Time

Roles of Water Newsletter-Click Here

For my Nutritional Therapy Training community project I have written a jam packed newsletter full of everything from roles of water in the body, sign of dehydrations, how much water do you need, Olympia has an artesian well-free to use, electrolytes and their roles in the body, a book review-”The Bodies Many Cries For Water,” by Dr. Batmanghelidj, and much more.  I hope you enjoy this easy to read PDF format article and please feel free to share.

Drinking water is part of a eating a whole foods, nutrient dense diet. Pure & simple. Naturally....

About Lisa Wilcox

Mother of three, wife of a farmer, foodie, tendency toward primal diet & lifestyle, soccer mom, Yoga, Swimming, Mac & Apple, living in the northwest, small boutique herd of grass fed and finished Angus Beef.
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