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“Hi Lisa, I am interested in purchasing a 1/4. How much would one be and what’s the process. I read that you harvest in the fall.

Where would I have to go for pickup and how long in the freezer does the meat usually keep for? This is my first time buying large quantities of meat and straight from the source so I really have no idea how it works.


Thank you,

Great questions Katie.  On my website is a blog post titled: Visual, How Much Beef is 1/4 beef?-click- I have posted pictures, a visual of 1/4 and 1/2 of beef.  And here is another blog post with an example break down of the cuts

How long does it stay good in the freezer?  We double wrap your meat the old fashioned way, in plastic freezer film and unbleached brown butcher paper.  Grocery store meat is only wrapped in the single layer clear plastic, so it is more likely to get freezer burn.  Please check out the USDA link for more information on freezer storage and safety which says, freezing foods stay safe indefinitely, but quality is affected over 12 months, although in my experience, it is much longer than that. :)

And to answer your question about where to go to pick up your beef.  I use a great butcher in a rural part of Tacoma.  They are the oldest organic meat shop in the country with EXCELLENT customer service.  My customer’s give rave reviews. And from another customer:

CUSTOMER COMMENT: October 19, 2011

Hello Lisa,

In the past, we have purchased meat from 2 other natural, grass fed farms. I want to tell you that your meat is by far the best and also the Meat Shop was above and beyond the nicest and easiest I’ve dealt with! We have worked with 4 different meat markets through past meat ventures.

Thank you for your attention to detail and doing it right, with excellent customer service. Everything, from A to Z.  Sincerely, Toby

“What is the process”

EMAIL me to let me know to reserve a portion for you.  When it gets close to slaughter time, I will let you know.  After the slaughter, I figure out the weight of your beef and I email you an invoice. The beef dry hangs for 21 days, then gets cut, wrapped, and quickly frozen.  The total is due to me before it is picked up from the butcher.

I have a family of 5 and I usually go through a 1/2 of beef a year ‘give or take’ as I usually give some away to family.  Lisa

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