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Good Morning Lisa,

YES – please put me on the list for 1/4 for the fall of 2013.  I started the Primal lifestyle about 2 months ago and have lost 30 lbs so far.  The grass fed beef at my local supermarkets are usually shipped in and way too expensive.  The meat at Winco is killing me and tastes like shoes.  Thank goodness for my coconut oil !!  I really enjoyed reading your facebook posts.  Please let me know the next step to secure the beef purchase for next fall.

Sincerely, Amanda


HI Lisa,

My husband and I are ‘loving’ the delicious GF beef we purchased in Sept. I have been telling people about how wonderful it is and have a family that is interested in sharing a beef with us this coming harvest season. If you still have availability, please email me and let me know how much of a deposit we need to send to you and when.





Dear Lisa,

I want to thank you for the excellent beef that I picked up this past week.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  Thanks for making this so easy to purchase and I hope you will keep me on your list when it’s time to order again.

All the best to you,



Hi Lisa,

I want to thank you for the beef that we purchased from you, it has been exceptional! I would like to know if you are taking reservations for next harvest yet.  If you are, I would love to reserve another quarter, just like last time.

Thank you again!

Aaron and Robin


“Hi Lisa,
We have really been enjoying the Wilcox beef as well as our family and friends.  I am not surprised you sell out faster each year.  You have a great tasting product. (Renee May 31, 2011)

“We have really enjoyed having this meat availible in our freezer and the quality is fab.”

Customer comment, great service…. From one of my customers who scheduled to be at the cutting with the butcher…”We took one of the T-bone steaks home with us and it was amazing!  Great beef! Again, thank you for the great service and the beef we will enjoy.” Renee

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