Blue Star Cafe & Pub: Serving..Cage-Free Eggs

Blue Star Cafe & Pub in Seattle is serves up so many eggs, the Costco Business Source in now selling Wilcox Farms Cage Free eggs making it easier for smaller businesses to make the switch to cage-free eggs too. Our family couldn’t be more proud that this very popular Seattle area restaurant is supporting local and sustainable Wilcox Farms.  The restaurant has a large fresh menu, and features over 40 egg dishes for breakfast which is served everyday up to 2:45pm.

Says WENDY MORALES, restaurant manager, “By switching to cage free eggs we’re contributing to a greener & more sustainable tomorrow, plus largely improving the life of the hen.  By aligning ourselves with Wilcox Farms (100 years, family operated), we’re supporting our local farmer and their investment of $3+ million, so they can meet the standards of both Humane Farm Animal Care and Food Alliance.”

Click here to visit Blue Star Cafe & Pub website.

Food AllianceCertified Humane, Salmon Safe Certified

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