Introducing “The Fashionable Affair,” My blogger daughter…Please FOLLOW HER

She is so creative!

Can I brag for just a moment?  I have wonderful children.  I couldn’t be more blessed. Day in & day out they never cease to amaze with their talents.  Being a mom to three awesome children is my JOB, 24/7.  I think I have done pretty good so far.  They make good choices, treat others with respect, and care about their schoolwork and grades.  What more could a mother ask for?  My oldest daughters’ both have wonderful boyfriends. I never thought a ‘boyfriend’ was going to acceptable to me….like “NO boyfriends until your 38! ” LOL…..  Garrett and Eli are most caring and sweet, hardworking and encouraging towards my daughters’ goal and dreams.


Did I mention that she was Homecoming Queen and Voted “Best Dressed”?  Yet, she is so humble and was completely surprised by these honors.

My daughter has created a pretty awesome BLOG about her favorite things, fashion.  Its called,  THE FASHIONABLE AFFAIR please check it out and leave a comment letting her know you stopped by.

Screen shot

Here is a link to her TWITTER

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Here is a link to her INSTAGRAM

Please follow! Thank you…

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Hungry for Change- Movie-My Opinion

I liked it so much I watched it twice.  However, it was kind of biased toward vege*tari*anism.  I love the speakers in this presentation like Dr. Mercola, who I know believes in eating natural grass fed animals as part of a healthy eating plan.  It really bothers me that that it appeared that some of his comments were edited to omit the ‘grass fed’ animals as part of a healthy diet.  This movie was spot on about fake butter, bad fats, bad sugars, over consumption of sugar/carbs, etc. I learned some new things and also heard from great authors.

I do not want to sound opinionated on this otherwise, neutral blog.  Here is great blog story about the good and the bad of the movie… I agree with Katie at Wellness Mama. I found her blog by simply typing in the movie name with the word vege….**** sorry I don’t want to type the word out.  :)  Lots of wonderful content on this blog…I was reading it all day, and now I have many tabs open and love her “Do It Yourself” section.  DIY…

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Grass Fed Beef Harvest Time at Wilcox Farms


Contact Chris Wilcox!


call his office at 360-458-6650

Grass Fed Beef Steak from Wilcox Angus Beef

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Homecoming Queen-Madison Wilcox

Miss Maddy Wilcox
Homecoming Queen 2013
Yelm High School

I am so proud of my daughter Madison (Maddy) Wilcox!  She is truly a sweetheart.  Humbled and not expecting this great honor, on Friday September 20, 2013 she was crowned Homecoming Queen at Yelm High School’s homecoming game against Stadium.  Maddy is in the top 20 of her graduating class with a GPA 3.98.  She maintained her great grades while taking Honors and AP coursework.  Madison was also awarded “TOP 10% in Washington State Honors” for combined SAT & GPA scores.  Way to go!! Woot! Woot!

Maddy makes great choices in her life.  She works at Black Hills Gymnastics helping with parties as well as Wilcox Farms doing everything from working with the chickens, helping with farm events, to sales and marketing.  Sometimes her father has her practice her public speaking skills at business meetings in which she truly shines.  Congratulations, Maddy! I am one proud Mama.  :)

Maddy and long time boyfriend Garrett. We love him!

At Cochran Park, Yelm, photo time!Beautiful girls....

Maddy and her friends all ready for the Dance!
Maddy and her mom, Lisa Wilcox

My other daughter, Kenzie and her long time boyfriend Eli~Their first Homecoming Dance…so happy my kids make great choices.



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Are you ready to maze your senses and come check out this absolutely wonderful setting with the back drop of Lk St Clair?  Pots, Art, plants galore!  CATHY has EVERYTHING!

Unique Containers & Statuary

Whimsical Garden Art

Great Gifts

Landscape Design & Consulting Services  …(Make your Plants Grow like weeds)

Address: 5415 Peninsula Drive SE, Olympia, WA  98513

Open Saturday 10am-1pm, or call for appointment. 360-455-9164

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